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Marietta City Council votes 'Yes' on preliminary Atlanta United Training Ground plans

We have a training ground site.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Atlanta United has a training ground site.

The Marietta City Council voted to accept the preliminary deal given to them from Atlanta United to redevelop a plot of land on Franklin Road. The vote passed 6 to 1. Further details will be known in December.

This is the second site that Atlanta United has pursued as a venue for their training ground. The first site, located in Dekalb County, was finalized, before the team and county parted ways citing taxpayer costs and the poor quality of the soil at the venue.

The training venue will house both the academy and first team for training, along with Atlanta United offices. The franchise repeatedly said it will open the training ground for the public to watch.

Dirty South Soccer will have more information regarding the vote and reaction from Marietta, but for now the franchise has checked off another box on their checklist leading up to beginning play in 2017.

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