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City of Atlanta releases new bridge renderings at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

New stadium bridge renderings look like something out of a video game

Earlier this week, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported that the city of Atlanta released renderings of a bridge that will connect the Vine City MARTA Station with the Mercedes-Benz Stadium grounds. The renderings, designed by Callison RTKL, will go over Northside Drive and provide fans an easier and premium walkway to get to the stadium.

The bridge will be 105 feet in length and have 400-foot looping ramps at either end of Northside Drive.

The renderings show a futuristic design that will match the contemporary look of the stadium. In the design firm's study, they commented:

"The smooth geometry of the bridge commands a bit of its own identity apart from the stadium, giving a soft transition toward the edge of the neighborhood. With a smooth, simple, form, excitement is given the bridge through introducing a shade structure overhead. Cylindrical in section, the form gives the visitor the feeling of passing through the tunnel onto the field. The result is a grand introduction to the event space, a strong sense of arrival that the stadium commands."

A builder has not yet been contracted to build the bridge, but the city is accepting proposals until early December.

Check out the renderings here.