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Why Landon Donovan accepting a coaching role with Atlanta United isn't far-fetched

Landon Donovan wants to coach at the youth level and AUFC need help in that department. Here's why the two joining forces isn't impossible.

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Writer's Note: There have been no rumors or news linking Landon Donovan with an Atlanta United coaching gig. This is purely speculation based off of logic.

United States Men's National Team and Major League Soccer legend Landon Donovan says he's itching to coach. This is rather big news in the American soccer world. He's undoubtedly the most talented and accomplished American soccer player of this generation and quite possibly of all-time. As soon as Landon decides to throw his name into the pool of coaches, he'll immediately become the hottest "free agent" out there.

Landon has made it clear that he's not out to become the next Jose Mourinho right out of the gate. He's not after immediate fame of first-division success. His ambition is to begin his coaching career at the developmental level.

"I didn't have anybody at 16, 17, 18, 19 that was telling me what to do or how to react or how to act in certain situations and I wish I would have had that. Having been through these experiences when you're on the outside usually you can see it a lot more clearly than when you're in it, and I want to have the ability to impact people in that way and to affect change in a positive way, and I think I have a lot to give in that way. So I'm going to start considering that path a lot more seriously and see where it ends up."

-Landon Donovan; Source:

It's clear that one our nation's greatest players is passionate about helping guide the next generation of talent to heights we've never seen. This is where Atlanta United enters the picture.

Here you have a club willing to spend an appropriate amount of money on their academy plans to ensure a solid base for itself. It only makes sense that Darren Eales and Carlos Bocanegra will want to search for the best possible teachers to implement their vision.

So, a legendary player with a wealth of soccer knowledge has an appetite to coach young players. An ambitious club like AUFC have the funds and will have the resources to offer a top notch teaching environment. The logical conclusion seems to be that the two should join forces. But that's crazy talk, right? Why would Landon Donovan, a California-boy, uproot and move to the South?

Let's think about it for a minute. Carlos Bocanegra is a California-boy who decided to take on a massive role with a club in the South. He just so happens to be really good friends with Landon Donovan from their days with the U.S. National Team. It's not the biggest reach to assume that the Atlanta United technical director could talk his old pal into joining him in this ambitious venture.

The club will be in need of a youth technical director in the next year or two. They'll also be in need of coaches to lead each level of the academy (the U12, U13, U14, U16, and U18 levels).

Atlanta United needs a great group of soccer minds in charge of tutoring the next generation. It only makes logical sense to pursue the best player to ever play for our country's national team. While it's unlikely this dream scenario comes to fruition, it's not the craziest idea that's ever been thought of.