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Atlanta Silverbacks president gives ownership search update

The future of the Atlanta Silverbacks franchise is still very much up in the air. The North American Soccer League still owns the club and are in the process of deciding what to do with it. The league took control of the club last offseason and have been the owners for all of the 2015 season.

If they cannot find new local ownership for the club they left with multiple options.

  1. Stay the course for another season
  2. Find new owners from another city and relocate the franchise
  3. Decide not to fund the club anymore and fold it
Reports have come out in recent weeks that at least five club owners want the Silverbacks to stay in Atlanta. It appears that everyone is undecided on what exactly should happen.

Silverbacks president Andy Smith tweeted out today that they are in talks with multiple potential ownership groups at the moment and thanked the supporters for their patience.

It seems the more info we get the less we truly know. Stay tuned to DSS for further updates on the on-going Silverbacks saga.