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Atlanta United's training facility deal with DeKalb scrapped due to old landfill -- report

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Two weeks ago we learned that Atlanta United would be abandoning their agreement with DeKalb County for the club's training facility and team headquarters. They cited unforeseen expenditures for backing out of the deal, but didn't really expand on it further.

According to myAJC, the real reason for the deal breaking down was because of a landfill. Underneath the proposed site, workers discovered decades of old trash and debris that stretched across several acres and even went as far as 35 feet deep in some areas.

After running tests it was decided that thehe landfill would've cost the club $20 Million to excavate just to prepare the area to begin construction. That was not a cost they were willing to take on and decided, pretty understandably, to pursue their back-up option of Marietta.

AUFC and Marietta have since agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the outline of a deal that would see the club erect their training facility and team headquarters in the Franklin Road corridor.