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Watch: Mercedes-Benz Stadium designed to be "future-flexible"

AMB Sports & Entertainment discusses how the new downtown stadium will revolutionize the stadium experience for Atlanta fans.

Exterior Concept Rendering from
Exterior Concept Rendering from
Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium will push the envelope for what the stadium experience can and should be. It will be the premier home venue for both Atlanta United and the Falcons.

One of the primary features will certainly be the 360 degree Daktronics halo video board. At about the height of a six story building and totaling over 63,000 square feet, it will be the foundation for how Mercedes-Benz Stadium delivers innovation to its fans.

Further advancements will be brought with adjustable seating capacities, power supplied via solar panels, a translucent retractable roof, as well as a glass window to the city. Quite possibly the greatest innovation comes in the stadium's goal of obtaining LEED Certification.

Cara Kneer of Atlanta Tech Edge sat down to discuss how technology will revolutionize the stadium experience with AMB Sports & Entertainment Chief Technology Officer, Jared Miller. Their conversation touches on how the facility can be "future-flexible," as well as how it can compete with the at-home, couch experience.

One of the key takeaways from Miller in regards to the "future-flexibility" of the stadium:

"This venue is world class, it's iconic, and it's going to be here for decades to come. What my role and my objective is, is that we have created a platform upon which we can develop and take advantage of whatever those new technologies may be, whether they happen in three years, five years, ten years. You won't hear me say we're going to create a future proof stadium; I think that's a recipe for disaster for any technologist; but our goal is to make sure we've created a platform that is going to allow us to more easily adapt to those changes."