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Atlanta United tests waters with the first set of tryouts

Atlanta United began the hunt for their first players.

Atlanta United held its first of several tryouts on Thursday and Friday in Cartersville at the Lake Point Sports Complex where about 240 players attended. There were several games of 8v8 played across six fields and there were a few games of 11v11 on a full field. The range of skill varied from scrappy to decent but there were a few promising flashes of brilliance here and there.

We spoke with club president, Darren Eales, who indicated there would be more tryouts to come and this was just to gauge interest and see what the club was in for going into the future. So if you missed the tryout due to school, work, or any other reason, there will still be more opportunities to show off your talent.

Eales was also able to confirm what we found out earlier that the Atlanta United season ticket deposit count remained around 29,000 and that the rumored 35,000 on Wednesday night was an exaggeration.

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