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5 Reasons Atlanta United is poised to have a great 2016 offseason

Hi I am Brian, and I am a huge Atlanta United fan. Here are five reasons the team is poised to have a great 2016 offseason.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Hi I am Brian, and I am a huge Atlanta United fan. Here are five reasons the team is poised to have a great 2016 offseason:

1. We have a great front office

Atlanta United has two great leaders spearheading the front office. Darren Eales, the team president, brings international experience from his time at Premier League Tottenham Hotspur. I may be a Barcelona fan, but you gotta respect what Totteham has done year in and year out staying competitive. Having that drive in MLS will be a huge plus to this franchise. Eales is joined by former United States National Team player Carlos Bocanegra. "Boca," as he is called affectionately by fans has played all over the world, and knows what it takes to win. Sounds like a real Glavine-Maddux punch to me.

2. Patient Fans

Atlanta moves a little bit slower than most of the Northern half of the country, and that is a-okay with me. We know how to have faith in a front office to build a winner because we've seen it done before. The 90s Braves teams weren't built over night. We may not get far in a quest for MLS Cup this offseason, but it will be a vital building block going forward.

3. Great Ownership

Arthur Blank runs a tight ship. There's a reason he is so endeared to the Atlanta community. A fact he doesn't take lightly. Blank invests in Atlanta and his investments have paid off. Sometimes I like to go to the zoo and look at the Giant Pandas, a conservation effort from the Blank Family Foundation. Its this kind of dedication that Atlanta fans can expect every day going forward for their great franchise.

4. Big ideas

We've already heard a number of times how Atlanta United has big ideas to start play in 2017. The 2016 offseason for this club could produce a designated player, a coach, or even multiple signings. In the words of both Future and Drake, "what a time to be alive," Atlanta United fans.

5. Blank slate

Being an expansion franchise has some advantages. Even though the team will start play from scratch in 2017, doing so allows us to do whatever we want! We can sign some big players, or work to consolidate this year with scouting. I think Atlanta United is going to have a great 2016, and for sure going to make sure we are on track to be one of the best expansion sides to take the field in 2017.

Do you guys agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments, I value everyone's thoughts!