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An introduction to fanshots and fanposts

Did you know you can write a post on DSS anytime you want?

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Ever have a topic that you wish DSS would cover and we just won't? Or do you just get in the mood to write about soccer and/or Atlanta United and don't have an outlet? Well now you do. All SB Nation blogs have sections called fanposts. Basically, you can come to our site and write an article anytime you want. Whether it's to try and show off your talents or just to pass the time. We read every single one of them.

We are asked all the time if we have spots open on our staff. Currently the answer is no, but in the future spots will inevitably open up. The single best way to show us what you have to offer to the blog is to write some fanposts and give us an idea of how you write and how motivated you are to contribute. Even if you're not selected to write, if your fanpost is good enough we'll feature it on the homepage and tweet it out to get you some exposure.


Don't feel like writing an article? Fanshots are a great way to share a video, tweet, quote, or any type of media without having to write much. You are free to post anything AUFC or soccer-related.


The DSS staff reserves the right to delete any content that we deem unsuitable or offensive to the blog, so please use some common sense and don't go crazy.