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Marco Fabian officially joins Eintracht Frankfurt

The Marco Fabian-to-Atlanta "dream" is dead...for now

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's rumor linking Mexico international Marco Fabian with a move to Atlanta United had one big caveat included. His first preference was always going to be leaving Chivas de Guadalajara and joining the Bundesliga. It appears as if at least that part of the rumor from ESPN Deportes was 100% correct.

Chivas announced today that Marco Fabian will be heading to Eintracht Frankfurt when the European transfer window opens in January.

And so officially dies the first legitimate Atlanta United signing rumor. With Fabian joining Frankfurt, it appears highly unlikely that the midfielder will be joining the new expansion club as a designated player for the 2017 season. While it's always possible they attempt to sign him in the future, the immediate looks completely done for.

This is a bullet dodged for AUFC. Attempting to draw in the Latin American audience is a no-brainer, but there are far better players than Fabian that the club can bring in to accomplish that goal.