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POLL: What will happen to the Atlanta Silverbacks?

With news dropping today that the San Antonio Scorpions will leave NASL before the 2016 season, the spotlight now turns to the Atlanta Silverbacks saga. The league bought the team before last season and controlled them through the 2015 campaign. Here we are again in the same dilemma, except the situation seems a little more dire. NASL is struggling with holding onto their franchises (see Minnesota and San Antonio) and have one they are pouring money into.

There is reportedly some interest from prospective buyers to purchase the Silverbacks. Some local willing to keep the franchise in Atlanta, which is the league's preference. Also some who have the desire to buy the club and relocate it to a different market.

Then there is always the chance that the NASL decides to fund the team for one more year (or even one more half season) in hopes that the right ownership situation comes along. No one knows their financial situation and how long they can go on funding a franchise, so it's all speculation at this point.

A last resort if neither of three options are fulfilled is simply folding the franchise. Neither the fans, the league, or the club want to see this happen, but unfortunately it's one possible solution if the situation doesn't resolve itself in a timely fashion.

So, give us your thoughts on what you think will happen to the Atlanta Silverbacks in the next few months.