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December 2015 Atlanta United season ticket deposit update

Three thousand more!

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In his annual State of the League address before the MLS Cup final, Commissioner Don Garber gave us an exciting update on the total number of people who have put down a deposit on Atlanta United FC season tickets. Garber says that 29,000 deposits have been made.

That's a lot of people. Almost enough to fill the entire lower bowl of Mercedes-Benz Stadium!

Obviously that number will require all of those deposits to be fulfilled with full payments for the actual season tickets, but the numbers so far are highly encouraging.

The last update in October informed us that the number was at 26,000. A 3,000 deposit increase in just two months is quite impressive. Especially considering the inital hype of last year's announcement has died down and we're just in a holding pattern until actual team news and events start occurring.

Aside from a few minor hiccups in the road, like the DeKalb County training facility deal falling through, it's been nothing but smooth sailing for Atlanta United FC. Hopefully that good wave of success is sustained all the way through until the inaugural season in March 2017.