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5 of the best Atlanta United (MLS Atlanta) design concepts

Eventually MLS Atlanta will have an official name, crest, color scheme, and kits. Until then all we have are hopes, dreams, and concepts. These are five of our favorite design concepts for MLS Atlanta:

1. Rise

We're a fan of the slender design. It has a very Juventus feel to it. (h/t Prefix270)

2. Atlanta FC

We don't endorse the name, but the crest is stunning. (h/t Drew Wagner)

3. Atlanta Locomotive

We would not complain one iota if these came to fruition. Brilliant concept. (h/t Kramer Design)

4. Black Harts

Original concept and a flawless design. Fantastic. (h/t JR Francis)

5. Terminus

Terminus is a name we're very fond of. This crest is a great idea, with a few color tweaks it could be a winner. (h/t Kelsey Ads)

These are our five favorites. Which one do you like best? Did we overlook or omit any that you like? Let us know in the comments below.