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Atlanta United FC to Model Kit after AC Milan

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Now that we have an official club name (Atlanta United FC) and an official logo, the thoughts of all Atlanta United FC supporters inevitably will turn towards one thing: an official kit.

There is no word yet on when the kits for Atlanta United FC will be unveiled (or when we can all rush to to buy one) but there was a word about the possible look of the new kits.

Yes, according to the AJC, it looks like when Atlanta United FC laces up their boots in 2017 they will be donning the stripes of one AC Milan, even down to the gold stripes on the shoulders. After the controversy over naming the club 'Atlanta United FC,' adopting a kit that is a near-exact replica of another European power's is sure to cause a stir among supporters.

Still, regardless of how anyone feels about it, when the opening kickoff of the 2017 season arrives we might look down from our seats and see this:

See what I did there? That sentence works in two ways... Oddly enough, if Atlanta goes with the vertical stripes they will be the sole MLS club to opt for this look. The only other MLS kit that relies so heavily on stripes is Sporting KC's, whose stripes run horizontal rather than vertical. United might surprise us by following Sporting KC, but I'd bet on vertical stripes of red and black with a gold away kit. Either way, I'm sure we'll all be giving our money very soon.

Finally, something obvious for you to think about: the Atlanta United FC color scheme of Red, Black, and Gold is a combination  of the primary colors of the dominant college football powers of the state, UGA and Georgia Tech.

Good compromise, Mr. Blank.