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Introducing the “Mouths of the South” podcast

Episode 1

We here at Dirty South Soccer are proud to announce the launch of our official podcast entitled "Mouths of the South". It's a brand new podcast that will focus primarily on Atlanta United FC and all things Atlanta soccer. Of course we'll mix in some other things along the way.

The podcast will have three co-hosts to begin. Sam Franco (@samjfranco), Eric Quintana (@EricQuintana47), and Jason Smith (@jasonisasmith) will be the proverbial "mouths" of the south.

Our goal is to become the premier AUFC podcast for the supporters to fall in love with.

In the first episode, the guys discuss how they got into soccer, what the new team means to them, the team name/logo, the stadium name, and put together a wishlist of potential designated players.

Without further ado, here is the inaugural "Mouths of the South" podcast.

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Please give us any feedback you have. And if you have questions or thoughts for the guys to discuss in future episodes please send us an email at