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Dreaming up Atlanta United kit designs

Conrad Burry

Every soccer fan loves talking about kits. Deep down we're all fashionistas of some sort. Any time we see a team drop a new shirt our first instinct is to judge it. Whether it's a positive or negative review is beside the point. We must make our feelings known about this piece of clothing.

With the formation of Atlanta United and the unveiling of their new logo and color scheme the graphic designers, both pro and amateur, began salivating at the mouth to create mock ups of what they wanted the new kits to look like. With several different concepts floating around the internet one particular set of attempts caught our eye.

Conrad Burry is a professional graphic designer from Tennessee. He's a huge sports fan and plans on supporting Atlanta United when they begin play in 2017. His concept of AUFC's home kit modeled after AC Milan made rounds on social media last week and for good reason. The classic look infused with AUFC's brand would make for a brilliant look for the franchise's identity.

Home Kit


Later in the week, Conrad released a concept for an away kit on Twitter (give him a follow @conradburry) that features a white shirt with red and gold diagonal stripes. A very sharp look that is original and unique.

Away Kit

Finally, no set of kits is complete without an alternate look. Something cool and unique to distinguish your club from everyone else. Conrad and 21 Peach Street worked together to present you this exclusive first look at his AUFC alternate third kit design:

Alternate Kit

ATL UTD 3rd kit

No club in MLS has a gold themed kit. This simple yet dynamic design would give Atlanta United a look every fan in MLS would be envious of.

Here's to hoping the decision makers deciding on United's future kits take note from Conrad and produce something equally as attractive as these three shirts.

Visit Conrad's own website and check out the rest of his top quality work. Maybe even get him to design something for your business or personal needs. Click here to visit