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Welcome to Dirty South Soccer

Your best source for all things Atlanta United FC

Hello world! We've arrived on SB Nation, finally! This venture began on May 8, 2015 as a tiny blog on WordPress and now just five months later here we are. We attribute much of the success we've seen to you, our audience. Without your support we would've faded away into obscurity, but you helped us reach one of the most successful sports blog networks on the internet.

Now that we're finally settled in our new home, you can expect the best and most expansive coverage of all things Atlanta United FC and Atlanta soccer in general.

Our work is not complete, however. We still need your help. First and foremost, please join our new community. How do you join? It's very simple.

  1. Scroll down to the comments section
  2. Click "Join Dirty South Soccer"
Viola! You're in and can now comment on all of our posts. Even if you don't plan on commenting, please join as it helps us out.

Other ways you can help out is by following/liking us on social media.


Share the posts you find helpful or enjoyable with your friends and family to help us get noticed.

Now, enough about how you can help us, we're here to help you. We have big plans on covering AUFC. We'll be bringing you exclusive interviews, insight, and analysis. Keep up to date with DSS and you will not miss a single bit of Atlanta United news.

We're so excited for the 2017 season to begin and for the club to continue taking its shape. We hope you'll join us on the ride.