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10 Songs that MUST be included in the Atlanta United Chant Album

It's never too early to start thinking about the chants, cheers and songs we want to sing for Atlanta United.

We all so desperately wish the celebrations and champagne of 10 days ago was in honor of 2017 instead of 2016. Sadly for all, we still have about 418 days until we begin the walks to the "Benz" adorned in our Atlanta United FC jerseys anticipating our first Atlanta United match. We can only wait patiently, but until that day comes, we can dream.

I’ve scoured through Atlanta United Reddit forums and the like, and one of the aspects of supporter culture I want Atlanta to lock down right now are the songs we will sing as we introduce the team and hold those Atlanta United scarves high above our heads. This list is very much incomplete, and we urge the supporters groups to get as creative and unique as possible when it comes to their implementation. These are 10 songs I believe should be sung at some point during the matches:

EQ's Atlanta United FC Chant Album

1. Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles

Does this need an explanation? Manchester City has Blue Moon, Liverpool has You’ll Never Walk Alone and Atlanta should have Georgia On My Mind. Picture Atlanta's best high school marching bands performing the song à la this video as the teams are walking out. Tell me you wouldn't get goosebumps...

2. Georgia – Elton John

Great opportunity for some creative lyrics jabbing whatever opposing team we play. And I'm fairly confident Elton John would be totally supportive of this considering he lives in Atlanta and all...

3. Georgia – Ludacris/Field Mob

I'm not sure if anything more than the chorus could be pulled off but I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE this song NEEDS to be incorporated somehow. I can imagine supporters rocking from side to side singing the chorus. Possibly even with Ludacris starting the whole thing.

4. Georgia – Bubba Sparxxx

"We fly delta, we drink coca cola…where I hang my head,
Sweet peaches, with nice features, I’m going home to Georgia.
Ray Charles, Allen Jackson, The Godfather, how do you feel about that?"

5. Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys Knight & The Pips

A modified version of this could really work after a win, sending those losers home on the first train back to wherever. And by train, I mean Marta.

6. Welcome to Atlanta – Jermain Dupri and Ludacris

Another one that needs no explanation.

7. Forever I Love Atlanta – Lil Scrappy

Not my favorite, but I felt like this needed to be included in the EQ's Atlanta United FC Chant Album. Otherwise I would receive some strongly worded comments.

8. Atlanta – Butch Walker

Admittedly, this is, like, one of the most depressing songs I’ve ever heard. But I’m thinking, Atlanta United down 2-0 to Orlando City at half, BOOM! we start singing the chorus. Definitely no need to sing the verses though. Hard pass on the verses.

9. ATLiens - Outkast

Another song that needs to be included, but I'm not sure how it can be incorporated.  I’ll let the more creative people figure this out.

10. Atlanta - Pastor Troy
I would just love to see 65,000 people during the first match ever in the "Benz" singing, "Atlaaaaaaaantaaaaa, I'll rep for youuuuuuu!"

I'm sure there are many more songs the Atlanta United faithful could add to this list, but we have to be mindful that we can't just assume our favorite Atlanta songs are going to fit the soccer-match setting. The good news is we have more than enough time to figure this out. Let's make sure we are ready to go in ~430 days.

We know you have your own thoughts on this. Give us your songs and chants or any modified lyrics you think would work best for the Atlanta United match day experience.