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Ranking the Atlanta United FC Concept Kits

With the latest AUFC concept kits from Umbro making their way around the internet, it's time separate the contenders from the pretenders.

Thanks to a few good designers with an interest in Atlanta United FC, we have been given an opportunity to check out some AUFC concept kits. Conrad Burry (@ConradBurry) is the man that has touted some of the best designs we could possibly imagine. Quite honestly, I would be completely happy with his kit concepts.

But we all love a Top 10. So I've ranked the Top 10 Atlanta United concept kits that have been revealed so far. Some of these are more recent while others were posted before AUFC even had name.

Some things to consider:

First - the company sponsors on the shirt are just part of the template. It DOES NOT indicate who the sponsor will be or that the sponsor is directly associated with that specific jersey. So please, don't get caught up on what company is printed on the front of the shirt. The same applies with the logos (for obvious reasons).

Second - Adidas is the official kit provider for MLS. Don't worry about the Umbros or Nikes. Generally speaking, the same concepts can be replicated regardless of who makes the kit.

#1. Conrad Burry's Adidas Red and Black stripes, Gold trim

This is, by far, the best shirt I have seen of all the Atlanta United concept kits. The stripes are perfect. The gold trim is modest; just enough to let you know it's one of the colors without having to go overboard. I'm not sure any other version will surpass the uniqueness and pure quality of this shirt. I'd be willing to bet that Conrad Burry's design has been studied by Atlanta United, and wouldn't be surprised if this was the home kit they chose to go with. It's that good!

#2. Terminus Legion's Solid Black with Red and Grey Trim

Since there are no stripes and barely any gold, this kit would only be adopted by Atlanta United  in an alternative kit capacity. The accented grey and red lettering makes the uniform look menacing and is an overall sharp look if you disregard the probable requirements of more red and the addition of stripes. Nevertheless, this kit is still my second favorite kit of all the Atlanta United concept kits.

#3 Conrad Burry's Black with Red Stripes, Gold Collar and Trim

I've always had an affinity to kits that included shirt collars. While I like the overall design, the kit as a whole seems a little too "busy" to be the primary home uniform. As an alternative, this kit would be fantastic in my opinion. It contains enough of every Atlanta United color in addition to the gold collar and the "AUFC" on the back of the socks. Perfect for number three on the list.

#4 Terminus Legion's White Shirt with Black Trim and Red Lettering

This shirt would be my number one choice for the Atlanta United Away Kit. While there is no gold, quite honestly, I don't care. It's simple, yet classic. A relatively clean look to a shirt that would otherwise be solid white.

#5 Umbro's White Shirt with Red Stripe and Grey Accented Stripes

Not a fan of Umbro logo (I broke my own rule), but this shirt looks great! I'm digging the grey accented rings and the red stripe on the chest. Honestly, I'm hoping there is a way (possibly with the alternative kit) that rings can be utilized just because it looks so damn sexy.

#6 Conrad Burry's White Shirt with Red Pin Stripes and Trim

The problem I have with this kit (and the reason it's number five) is that it looks like a Yankees spring training uniform combined with a football jersey. The red trim on the side is probably a little much. Without that red, chances are this kit is much higher on the list.

#7 Kramer Design's Red Shirt Dark Red Stripe with Black Trim

Another clean and simple kit that would best suit an alternative uniform for Atlanta United. It might even look better if the black on the shirt were gold just to add the alternative color.

#8 Conrad Burry's Gold Shirt with Red Trim

This is the only gold shirt that has been designed and I'm not  much of a fan. Maybe if the red was black instead I could get on board but as the shirt is displayed above, I vote no to this one.

#9 Conrad Burry's White Shirt with Diagonal Red and Gold Stripes

I wouldn't be surprised if Conrad Burry were hired to design the Atlanta United kits. This one, however, is not a particular favorite of mine. The diagonal stripes just don't do it for me. I'm not saying I hate it or would be completely against this being the Away Kit, but I think there are better options out there. I would almost prefer slightly thicker stripes rather than diagonal ones.

#10 Umbro's Red and Black Striped Shirt with Gold Sleeves

This is absolutely the worst of worst shirts I've seen all because of one detail: the gold on the sleeves is absolutely atrocious! Nope. No, thank you. Don't even joke about this jersey.

The Worst of the Worst

Honorable mention