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TAMBAKIS HIGHLIGHTS: Some Footage of His Youth and Academy Career

We couldn't find much, but what we did find is pretty good.

It's not easy to find goalkeeper highlights from a Greek 23-year-old that has played nine professional games. But with some dedication (and Google), we found some! The whole video is more than 13 minutes long so we singled out the best moments of his highlight package. Introducing Αλέξανδρος Ταμπάκης!!! (Alexander Tambakis)

We should emphasize that Tambakis' highlights are only through 2011. He was promoted to the first team on July 1, 2011 signing a contract that kept him in Panathinaikos until 2016. He only made one appearance in the 86th minute of a 4-0 match.

If you ask me, he has some pretty good reaction time. He did a good job of getting himself in position after the cross right in front of goal. He seems to be pretty good at making saves with his feet, a lot like Tim Howard.

We'll have a strong, rooting interest in watching Tambakis with the Charleston Battery. I don't think he realizes what he means to the Atlanta soccer community yet, being the first player to sign with Atlanta United.

Both of those saves looked pretty spectacular to me. My hope is that he has the desire to start the first Atlanta United game in goal.

It looks like the kid has some raw talent that can really be molded in the next few years. He obviously has some sick reflexes.

Check out the entire 13 minutes here.