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LAFC stole Atlanta United's color scheme and Twitter IS ON IT

Major League Soccer's second LA team officially unveiled their colors and crest today. Here it is in all it's glory:

I'm not going to lie, it's pretty sharp and quite unique on its own. However, one amazing twitter account (probably the best one on Twitter) noticed that it kinda ripped off both Atlanta United and Minnesota United:

The black and gold looks fantastic on merchandise and will likely look good on their future kits. They didn't stop there, though. One of the club's owners also had this lovely tidbit to add:

Hey, THOSE ARE OUR COLORS! That's when social media really got it's knickers in a twist and all hell broke loose:

To sum up: LAFC stole Atlanta's colors and Minnesota's crest. Atlanta Stole DCU and Minnesota's name. And we all stole everything from England. Perhaps we've thought of everything. 2016 years of ingenuity is more than anyone ever thought was possible. We've pretty much hit the brick wall. Hey, let's talk about soccer now!