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The Daily Dirt: All the reaction to LAFC's crest and colors

Mixed reviews.

In case you've been living under a rock, Los Angeles Football Club unveiled its crest and colors on Thursday, going with a clean black and gold look. Of course, those colors and crest do look a bit familiar. The colors — black and gold, with a hint of red — are straight out of Atlanta United FC's playbook. And the crest seems to be what would happen if AUFC and Minnesota United had a baby.

Initial reviews on Twitter were mixed. Many people immediately noticed the apparent "inspiration" from Minnesota and Atlanta, but fans in Los Angeles seem to be mostly pleased with the look. Commenters at Soccer By Ives are almost universal in their praise of the look. Actor Will Ferrell likes the branding so much, he's decided to become a co-owner of the club.

Soccer rule-makers discuss approving video replay trials [AP]

This would be a massive change to the game, hopefully for the better. "Technology can certainly help but we don't want to ruin the flow and the simplicity of the game which is something to be really valued," English Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn told the Associated Press.

Barcelona's Luis Suarez gets two-match ban for Espanyol tunnel row [ESPNFC]

Suarez allegedly taunted Espanyol players after Barcelona's 4-1 Copa del Rey win Wednesday, calling them a "waste of space," Barcelona says Suarez didn't say that, and is appealing the ban.

Cristiano Ronaldo 'non-transferrable' - Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane [ESPNFC]

Responding to a journalist who asked about a possible Ronaldo move, Zidane said, "He is the soul of this team, of Madridismo. I laugh at your question. When I am here, he will not leave." Zizou laughs at your question, journalist.

What's happening in The A?

Coming off two straight losses to the New York Knicks, the Hawks got right Thursday with a 126-98 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Kent Bazemore finished the night with 22 points, six rebounds, and four assists.

Thomas Dimitroff doesn't receive much love from Falcons fans, but he will retain his role as general manager of the team. In a statement, owner Arthur Blank said "it has become very clear to me that Coach Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff have built a productive working relationship over the last 11 months."