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Atlanta Silverbacks resolution coming soon?

There might just be some movement on the Atlanta Silverbacks front. Let's try to connect the dots, shall we?

Random tweet #1:

Random tweet #2:

At the very least, we'll have a resolution shortly with the league schedule for the full 2016 calendar year being released shortly.

Here's a couple of educated guesses about the situation:

  • If the league is meeting in Atlanta, it would be logical to assume that there is someone locally who might be interested in buying the team. Otherwise, that meeting could be held anywhere. Now, we're assuming that a league meeting is occurring in Atlanta due to a tweet. One thing we do know is that the NSCAA Convention is in Baltimore starting on Thursday. I would expect league leadership and most of the teams to be on hand.
  • The league schedule is coming out a little later this year in part due to the Atlanta situation, but has also been impacted by the events in San Antonio and the timelines of the new expansion teams (Puerto Rico entering the league in the fall while Rayo OKC and Miami enter in the spring).

With the process going on for this long, it's evident that the NASL really wants Atlanta to be in the league for 2016. With the fairly consistent local chatter about potential new owners, maybe we will have NASL action in Atlanta this year.