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Peachtree Post, Oct. 15: Expansion Priority Draft Preview

Plus: Player rumors for Atlanta, MLS/USMNT roundup

Morten Andersen #5 Getty Images

Hey, we're back and the big coin flip is this weekend. It's the MLS Expansion Priority Draft, a draft for other drafts. It's Atlanta vs. Minnesota for something big in football and this has never happened before, right? Gary Anderson and Morten Andersen should be involved somehow...

We dive into what's at stake and pick our prefered confusing MLS method of acquiring players.

More rumors of players coming from Argentina to Atlanta. Meaningful rumors or not?

The MLS playoff picture: Who is in? Who is out? How do you kill the Sounders? (spoiler alert, you don't)

Finally, we look at the USMNT and whatever that was last week. Is it foreshadowing Mexico?

Covering the pitch like dew, it's the Peachtree Post!