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Peachtree Post, Oct. 21: Stadium delays, academy triumphs, & MLS roundup

Covering the pitch like dew, it's the Peachtree Post!

Dave Williamson Photography

It’s Friday, which means Jarrett and I are back for another edition of the Peachtree Post.

It's the Peachtree Post's sweet 16! Thanks to everyone who has been listening to us for these 16 episodes! We truly appreciate your support!

There's some stadium news and we'll keep you up to date on it and what it might mean for next season's schedule at both Bobby Dodd Stadium and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The academy keeps wrecking shop and we dive into who to watch now and who to watch later. We look back at their wins last weekend and recent call-ups to youth national teams.

Sunday is Decision Day in MLS. The playoffs are coming in six days and we'll know where it all stands this weekend. Will the defending champs get into the playoffs? What are the storylines to watch for on Sunday?

Covering the pitch like dew, it's the Peachtree Post!