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Peachtree Post, Oct. 28: MLS Knockout Round recap and Atlanta United roundup

Covering the pitch like dew, it’s the Peachtree Post

MLS: Sporting KC at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

This is Jason and I'm flying solo on this episode, I think the Seattle game was after Jarrett's bed time. Late starts are rough for us East Coasters...

I run through the MLS Knockout Round results and discuss the surprises, who played well, and start to look at the next round of the playoffs. Are Sporting Kansas City fans still mad now? Are Seattle fans still celebrating Nelson Valdez's late goal. Did DC ever show up for their playoff game?

I also go through the latest Atlanta United news. Get to know the MLS Offseason Calendar, it will help you know when Atlanta can add players through the various drafts and through Free Agency. I also talk about the Carolina Challenge Cup and the launch of the Atlanta United Foundation.

Thanks for listening to the Peachtree Post!

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