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The Daily Dirt, November 1: KIT MONTH


It’s finally here Atlanta United fans. November is the month that Darren Eales promised everyone that the club’s first ever home kit would finally be revealed to the world. To be exact, “late November” was the exact phrasing used during Tata Martino’s introductory press conference.

Here’s what we know about the home kit so far:

  • It will likely resemble AC Milan’s iconic red/black vertical striped look
  • It will feature the club’s kit sponsor American Family Insurance

Aside from that we are left guessing and wondering. We’ve seen tons and tons of mock-ups from talented graphic designers dating almost two years before we even knew the name of the club. This month the mystery will finally be revealed and a major building block for Atlanta United will be put in place.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the club as this month will really be the start of the road to 2017. Once the kit is finally unleashed onto the world, we’ll all finally have that one true symbol of club to show everyone who we support.


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