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Atlanta United’s kit reveal is more celebration than show

Let’s not expect too much.

Atlanta United

The reveal of Atlanta United’s first ever home kit is a very important milestone for the club and its fan base, but not for the reasons you’re expecting.

On Tuesday night, whether you’re in attendance at The Tabernacle or at home patiently waiting for the club to unveil their home strip for the first time, this moment isn’t about shock and awe.

We’ve known for quite some time now what the general idea of the home kit will be. We know it’ll feature red and black vertical stripes. It’ll don the club’s kit sponsor American Family Insurance. There’s also a great chance it’ll feature the club’s third color, gold, as trim and/or lettering. Basically, it’s going to look a lot like this.

If you’re going into this event expecting to be blown away with some revolutionary jersey that the world has never seen or imagined before, you’re going to be disappointed. For the amount of mock-up designs we’ve seen throughout the months, there’s just no way that the final product can surprise us.

While the actual kit may not bring the surprise on the night, the club have other ways of throwing us some curveballs. There’s always the chance we see some special guests at the event. Judging from Twitter, it appears as if Chris McCann will be there. Perhaps they have some other tricks up their sleeves?

This event is more of a celebration of the club more than it is a unveiling. Think of it as a New Year’s Eve party. You know that the clock is striking midnight, but you’re just their for the people and the fun. If you’re going into it like it’s an Apple expo for the new MacBook, you’re going to be letdown tremendously.

While it’s always going to be human nature to react to the actual design with our amateur fashionista caps on, we can’t expect the moon when we already know what it’s likely going to look like.

This is about Atlanta United and the supporters finally receiving that one symbol that you can show off to the world which soccer club you represent. Scarves, hats, and t-shirts are cool and fun, but nothing beats the kit.

It’s almost midnight. Enjoy the fireworks with your fellow supporters.