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Possible Atlanta United away kit leaked?

This might be it...

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Early this morning, a link from began to circulate through Atlanta United fans. It showed the women’s replica version of the secondary kit. Footy Headlines has more details.

Here are the highlights:

  • White and gray base with bright red details
  • Atlanta United logo done in a monochromatic style
  • Pattern of hoops is in the background
  • The jersey is to be combined with “grey shorts and socks in the same style”

The home kit was released on Tuesday in front of a packed crowd at the Tabernacle and has been generally well received. The red and black stripes on the primary kit was expected from the fan base throughout the process and had been all but confirmed by the team.

No details had leaked about the secondary kit until today. On Tuesday night, club president Darren Eales told the media that the secondary kit was expected to be unveiled in February.

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