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Atlanta United won’t have a third kit in 2017

R.I.P. our three kit dreams

In case you’ve been living under a rock this week, things are happening.

On Tuesday, Atlanta United revealed their inaugural home kit at a truly remarkable event that saw thousands of supporters attend and three players walk out of a tunnel under a stream smoke to unveil the red and black-striped shirt and black shorts/socks.

Make sure to read our recap of the event if you haven’t already.

While we weren’t expecting to get a glimpse of the away kit until February, a potential leak has found its way onto the interwebz. Lids accidentally posted it on their website and has since been picked up by famed kit leaker Footy Headlines. It appears to be light gray with red accents. Check it out here.

For those hoping to find news about a third alternative kit, we have some bad news. As the AJC’s Doug Roberson has reported (and we’ve confirmed), there will be no third kit coming for the inaugural season.

MLS teams aren’t guaranteed to have three different kits. Only a handful currently do. There’s even talk that MLS could do away with them entirely, so it’s not a shock that Atlanta wouldn’t have one. Perhaps that could change in the future if kit sales are successful.