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5 Birthday Dinner Suggestions for Tata Martino

Happy B-Day, Tata!

Atlanta United

Today is a very special day here in Atlanta. Do you know what it is?

It is Tata Martino’s birthday! Feliz Cumpleanos, Tata!

That’s right; this is Tata’s first birthday here in Atlanta. So, the staff here at Dirty South Soccer has some suggestions for how Tata should spend his first birthday in the dirty south. We worked really hard on this, and hopefully our manager reads this and takes one of our suggestions.

So here we go:

1. Bojangles

If you are a member of the Bojangles e-club, you get a free Bo-Berry biscuit on your birthday. Fact: everyone loves biscuits. There is nothing wrong with the biscuit, it is perfection. It’s why Chik-Fil-A breakfasts are better than their already amazing chicken sandwiches. Sign right up Tata and get yer biscuit!

2. Firehouse Subs

If you signed up for Firehouse Rewards before your birthday, you will get a free sub today Tata! Hopefully you signed up. Make sure to climb that hook and ladder and get your free meal today.

3. Chilli’s

Walk into this classic fine American dining establishment and tell them it’s your birthday. They will come to your table, sing, and give you a free dessert. Who doesn’t love dessert? This way you’ve gotten your breakfast biscuit, your free sub for lunch and now free dessert after a fine fast casual American meal. This is turning out to be a great day Tata.

4. Waffle House

Every birthday adventure should include Waffle House, as should every day’s adventure. I’ve been told if you’re a “regular” at WaHo you will get a free waffle on your birthday. So go right in and get those hash browns smothered or covered and don’t worry about breaking the bank. The waffle is on them!

5. Aaron’s birthday coupon

Tata, after all the free stuff you spent all day doing, wouldn’t it be nice for someone to finish your chores around the house for you? Well, all of us at DSS pooled together to get you a coupon that can be redeemed where I do housework for you. We know it is an adjustment moving to a new country, let us help ease any moving issues you may have. I am strong, willing, and sincere.

Happy birthday Tata!