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The Daily Dirt, November 25: Black Friday

What’s your favorite Black Friday soccer memory?

Australia v Iran Getty Images

My favorite soccer related Black Friday memory was in 1997 getting the FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup game for the original Playstation. I picked it up near home before heading back to my apartment in Athens while I was in college. My other roommates stayed out of town, so I played that game all night.

I went through the whole qualification campaign with the U.S., but I can’t remember how I did once I got to the World Cup. I just remember being so excited that a game had the whole qualification process. My roommates and I would pick random countries to try to qualify with, it was a blast.

I also remember that the second game of the Australia vs. Iran qualifying playoff was late that night. There was no TV for that game here, but I was able to find an internet radio station that carried the Australian feed. It remains the saddest I’ve ever heard an announcer sound. Australia took the lead and looked certain to qualify, the announcers were even saying they might get out of the group stage. Then they gave up two quick goals to lose their spot and Iran qualified. It sounded like the announcers were going to cry on air.

A Black Friday filled with FIFA on the old PS1 and a World Cup qualifier on the radio, classic...


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