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Flamengo supporter lobbies Atlanta United to sign midfielder

Flamengo has a defensive midfielder fans are over. Atlanta United needs players. Match made in heaven? One fan thinks so.

Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images

Sometimes one person’s opinion is all that is needed to make a big decision.

As Atlanta United continues to build its inaugural season roster, one Fleminguista is hoping that his opinion is taken.

Poe Dryzinho, a popular Flamengo fan on Twitter, has an idea for a solid MLS-quality defensive midfielder.

Brazilian soccer fans are known for their passion, none more than members of the Nação Rubro-Negra, a nickname for the nation of Flamengo fans. When that passion, mixes with Brazilian’s propensity for twitter, trust me they are better at memes than their American counterparts, campaigns are born.

In this case, Dryzinho, who was a footballer himself, has mixed Brazilian internet passion with some healthy distaste for Flamengo’s recent moves. Flamengo had a solid 2016 season. The Rubro-Negra finished third in the Brasileiro, returning to the Libertadores for the first time in three seasons. After flirting with relegation, which would be a disaster for an institution like Flamengo, the team consolidated its debts and is poised to challenge for the 2017 title.

Except, in Dryzinho’s, and many other Fleminguistas, mind, that goal won’t be reached by extending defensive midfielder Márcio Rodrigues Araújo for two more seasons. Araújo was a mainstay in Flamengo’s lineup this year playing 25 matches in the Brasileiro. He was solid, but it was expected the club would move on after two seasons.

So naturally Dryzinho did what any Brazilian fan would do in this situation: he reached out to clubs in MLS and China alerting them of the player in hopes he would be signed away. Earlier in his life, Dryzinho actually offered himself to some American clubs, but was denied playing in the United States due to visa issues. That contact served as the backbone for this plan.

"I saw people doing hashtags [urging Flamengo] not to renew with him, but I decided to go further," Dryzinho said to Dirty South Soccer. "I already had contacts with MLS clubs because I already offered [myself and other players] to some, so I took advantage and offered Araújo.

"The MLS does not have the same pressure as the Brasileiro. Despite good level games, most of the signings are from stars with old age. As I said, I already had contacts with some clubs and this was a facilitator."

Dryzinho already heard back from NYCFC about Araújo’s services, but unfortunately this was just an automated reply. So far, he has not heard back from any other club. Dryzhino is resolved, but a little worried. "I can't fail this mission," he recently tweeted.

Atlanta United unfortunately would not comment directly for this story, but DSS understands that this practice is actually not all that uncommon. Clubs do receive multitudes of emails from agents, players, other actors showcasing players for signing.

Dryzinho doesn’t think Atlanta United will actually sign Márcio Araújo, but hey, the team needs players, right?