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Investors considering Atlanta for more pro soccer teams

NWSL and un-named men’s pro league under consideration

Could a new soccer and sports facility east of Atlanta be home to two new professional soccer clubs? If Trey Brantley and Southfund Partners have their way, the answer will be yes.

Atlanta Magazine discussed the work being done to make this happen. Brantley is focused on the facility development while Southfund Partners, led by president John Smithgall, is working on the team side of the project. Southfund is a family owned business involved in metro Atlanta real estate investments.

Previous rumors had Atlanta in the running for a North American Soccer League club, but it is unclear whether things have changed due to the uncertain nature of the league moving forward. Brantley and Southfund previously partnered on an effort to bring a National Women’s Soccer League club to Atlanta called the Atlanta Vibe. Atlanta Magazine’s Christine Van Dusen said that the plans for the Vibe have been “sidelined.”

Locations discussed for the new facility are centered around East DeKalb County and West Rockdale County. Last May, DeKalb County representatives met with Brantley and the Atlanta Sports Connection about a possible facility. It is unclear if those plans are still in play at the moment. Brantley told Van Dusen that the proposed project would have “zero tax dollars involved in it.”

Brantley also said that he feels the new clubs could help raise the profile of soccer, which would help Atlanta United.