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Atlanta United at 100-1 odds to win MLS Cup

It’s a really tempting line...


Remember how you felt when you heard about the people who put $100, $200 or even $20 on 5000-1 odds that Leicester City would win the Premier League? Well, you don’t have those same odds, but you do have the opportunity to feel just like those people.

Bovada, an online sports book, has released next years MLS Cup odds, and after initially leaving Atlanta United off the board, placed ATLUTD’s odds at 100-1. That means, for every $100 you bet, you win $10,000. Putting down $10 in hopes of winning $1000 doesn’t seem that crazy considering the talent already on the roster.

Other notable numbers include the favorite to win MLS Cup next year (LA Galaxy; 6-1), the chances of a Seattle repeat are at 6-1, and the Chicago Fire (worst team in MLS last season) who is also at 100-1 to win MLS Cup in 2017.

History has demonstrated that expansion teams don’t see great success in year one. Atlanta United could be different. If sports betting is a thing you like to do, this is certainly a line you cannot skip past. The odds are slim, but with every signing, Atlanta United continues to impress everyone around MLS. Could ATLUTD be that special that it wins MLS Cup year one?