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Jeffrey Otoo hoping to thrill Atlanta United fans

Career goals.

Atlanta United’s third ever signing was one nobody outside of a small group of people in Ghana has every heard of. Jeffrey Otoo, an 18-year-old forward, showed up randomly one day on the MLS Player’s Union’s salary sheet one day in 2015 and his signing was announced soon after.

When fans found out about him their first inclination was to search the internet for highlight videos to find out more about their new player. Outside of a Geocities-esque website for the Charity Stars, his former club in Ghana, that had one small video reel, there’s just not much info to be found of the youngster.

Otoo sat down with Ghanaian website Sports News GH to catch up with the United forward and find out how his first year in America has gone.

He admits that adjusting to life in a new country has been difficult, but says that he’s enjoying it very much now that he’s gaining a comfort level with his surroundings.

While in Charleston, he credits Battery goalkeeper Odisnel Cooper the most for helping him grow as a player.

“Though he tells me how good I am, and the many qualities I possess, he advises me to do more, and always to recover when I lose possession of the ball.”

Otoo speaks highly of Darren Eales when discussing his decision to sign with Atlanta United, crediting the club president for motivating him to join the brand new team.

“When Darren flew to Ghana, he inspired me more to play for Atlanta United. I was excited about launching my career in a club like Atlanta United. ATL UTD seemed to me like a club that was serious about surprising the world. It is a new club, and I thought of accepting the opportunity to use the platform to show the world what I possess. I was so happy to also know that I am the first African to be signed by Atlanta United. It really excites me that I made history as well.”

He also has a message for Atlanta United fans:

“To all supporters of Atlanta United FC, I say I will surprise you. I will thrill you. I will give you so many reasons to keep loving the club. After all, Atlanta United FC has helped me make history. I intend on doing my best to make Atlanta United FC make history as well.”

You have to love his confidence. We can’t wait to see him on the field to showcase the talent every coach and team official praises him for.