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More details on planned DeKalb County soccer/sports complex emerge

The Atlanta area looks to be a step closer to a NASL and NWSL team.

Over the past few months, area investors have been putting plans together to build a sporting complex in DeKalb County. The new complex would potentially be home to a NASL and NWSL franchise if all goes according to plan.

In an interview with Midfield Press today, investor Trey Brantley reaffirmed his commitment to DeKalb County and his plan to build the complex there. Brantley also stated that his goal to bring a men’s and women’s professional team would go forward regardless of the fate of the beleaguered NASL. We also got a glimpse of an overall timetable for completion of the entire complex, which will be built in phases.

Like pretty much every NASL expansion bid, the Atlanta plans are contingent on the survival of the league, but the group is committed to bringing men’s and women’s pro soccer teams to the complex regardless of league. The timetable for potentially joining the NASL is not currently firmed up, but should be clearer in the near future. The smaller stadium on the complex could be ready as early as Fall of 2017, while the larger stadium would not be ready until 2019.

Brantley also said that the “Chiefs” nickname is in play for the men, while the “Vibe” is a potential nickname for the women’s side. He mentioned that he did not see the men’s club competing directly with Atlanta United, stating that there is a market for both. The complex itself would draw youth tournaments as well, ensuring heavy use throughout the year.

If the NASL ends up folding, it’s likely that the group would pursue a USL affiliation for the men’s club. The NASL, for its part, looks to be moving forward with business as usual as a report out of L.A. states that it could expand into San Diego and Orange County as soon as this summer.