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Chris McCann confirms Atlanta United kit number

It’s a number familiar to McCann’s in Atlanta...

As we inch ever so closer to the inaugural season for Atlanta United news is beginning to pour out. While it’s always fun to focus on the big things, there’s also the side note type of items that slide under the radar.

For example, kit numbers. Surely most out there who bought the home kit has a desire to have some kind of name printed on the back, most likely a player’s. We don’t have many clues about which player will wear what number yet, but we do have one confirmed.

Chris McCann confirmed on Instagram that he’ll be wearing a number familiar to athletes with the name McCann in Atlanta. Like his namesake Brian did for the Braves did for so many years, Chris will be donning the No. 16 on his back. It’s a number that he says is significant to him in his career as he’s worn it in the past.

While not confirmed, it’s likely that Tito Villalba will wear No. 15 with all-but-confirmed signing rocking the No. 10 as seen in this teaser video.

With all the brand new players, which one’s name are you hoping to get on the back of your kit? Let us know in the comments.