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Mercedes-Benz Stadium will start the stadium culinary revolution

You have to try to Closed-on-Sunday Chicken Sandwich

Mercedes-Benz Stadum

Fifteen newly announced restaurant partners of Mercedes-Benz Stadium showcased some of the most delicious food you’ll ever eat inside a sports venue. I promise you this collection of high-brow restaurants will become a trend within new stadiums in the next few years. Say goodbye to generic hot dogs, chicken tenders, weird-looking burgers and cold fries. The Benz is going to have some southern class…

The night began with a brew - Creature Comforts to moisten my pallet. Upon entering the sampling room, it became clear I should’ve worn looser pants. Nevertheless, nothing was going to stop me from trying everything, at least once. First, a chili dog from The Varsity. Stewed ground beef drizzled over a hot dog brought directly to me by a man with about 20 Varsity hats on his head. “Whaddaya have?!” he yelled, encouraging me to take as many chili dogs as I wanted. Knowing the night was young, and plenty was still left to be had, I obtained from having a fourth chili dog.

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q. Well known amongst even the most novice of Southern eatery enthusiasts. The Big Tex Sandwich stood no chance against this 49-time BBQ eating champion. I laid the Southern masterpiece on the table and what began as one bite, turned into a gobbling. An obvious Atlanta United supporter stood in disbelief as he watched me pick savory flecks of meat from my beard. “It would be a sin to allow any of this to go uneaten,” I replied to his disgusted gaze.

Ethnic food has rarely been a consideration while attending sporting events. That shall be part of the past. I look forward to a future where Pork Cheek Tacos from The Iberian Pig come together in celebration - two fans, banging tacos together after on-field accomplishments.

The Iberian Pig made me fall in love twice. I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. A sausage, WRAPPED IN BACON, topped with crispy onions and delicious sauces between a hot dog-style bun. It was glorious. It was delicious. It brings me happiness thinking about it. (**giggles with girlish laughter**) That was followed up by two sandwiches from GameChanger that completely enlightened my mind (and taste buds) to chicken sandwiches. We’ve come to know Chick-fil-A as the maker of a great chicken sandwich, but I tell you now: GameChanger is changing the game we know as chicken sandwiches.

It was a crispy, fried to perfection chicken sandwich that tasted as if the gods themselves delicately drizzled their herbs and spices from above. “It’s called the Closed-on-Sunday Chicken Sandwich,” the woman said as she handed me my second sandwich. I took one bite and realized goosebumps had formed on my tongue. They had never tasted something so good. And then, soon after, a THIRD sandwich. This however, a buffalo pork sandwich layered with blue cheese. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but knew it was a delicious thing I had to put in my mouth.

I took dessert straight out of the hands of royalty: a chocolate seasalt popsicle from the King of Pops. I skipped over Sublimes Doughnuts but was told by many they were well worth attending the event by themselves.

Friends, we will be witness to a culinary revolution inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium. No more stale, cold pizza. Rather, Antico’s Pizza will provide! Healthy alternatives will be bountiful for those working on the six-pack. And if you just want what you know, Chick-fil-A will be on stand-by for your chicken sandwich needs. They are some of the best restaurants Atlanta has to offer, and now, they’ll be inside The Benz with items at the same prices they’re sold for in their regular stores.

Remember this day, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a glorious day to enjoy this collective culinary ensemble. Rejoice in what I call the greatest thing to happen to a stadium since vibrating chairs! A revolution, I say! It truly is a great time to live in Atlanta.