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Yet another set of Atlanta United kit concepts to dissect

MLS kits are being leaked and revealed all over the place this week. Some are good, some are meh, and some are just downright awful. What we do know is, we're about 12 months from finally finding out what Atlanta United's first ever kits will look like.

There have been plenty of kit concept designs over the past year. Many of which we've posted and dissected to death. It's just fun to talk about about potential kit designs. Everyone has different tastes and senses of style. Our very own Eric Quintana did a wonderful piece ranking the best kit concepts so far. You should probably read that.

One of our other writers has took it upon himself to design yet another set of kits to put up for discussion. Andrew Wagner posted these three efforts on Twitter yesterday:

Primary: All three designs feature the new 2016 adidas MLS template with the three stripes on the sides of the kit instead of on the shoulders. I'm still torn on if I think this is an improvement over last year's template or not. On some of the new kits it works, but on some of the others like LA's it makes it look awkward. These primary kits feature the classic AC Milan look that we were promised many, many months ago. They look absolutely fine and probably a close representation of what we'll see next season.

Secondary: I've yet to see a gold kit that I've liked. I'm just not sure we're going to be able to pull it off. It's a good thought and a logical choice, I'm just not sure the execution will come off as intended. I hope the real life design team avoids trying to make the gold work if it doesn't look adequate.

Alternate: I'm absolutely infatuated with this look. The clean white kits with the gold lettering and lines just looks amazing. I'd be one-hundred percent okay if this became our away kit along with the traditional red and black home strip. Dear Darren Eales, Ann Rodriguez, and whoever is making the decisions, please use this look.

What do you think of these new designs? What are you hoping to see coming 2017?