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Terminus Legion Mascot Poll Results Are Out and I'm Confused

I'm partial to Black Hart, but mainly because Game of Thrones convinced me a deer can be menacing.

Terminus Legion recently conducted an unofficial Atlanta United FC mascot poll that has been presented to AUFC for their consideration. The top result called for the mascot to be a Phoenix or some other kind of bird. That's all fine and good; we can easily conform to the Atlanta sports tradition of having a bird mascot. While a bit unoriginal, it makes sense to stay within the Atlanta sports spirit. A fiery, fierce Phoenix would look great in red, black and gold. I can absolutely get on board with that.

However, for a fan base that was generally upset about a team name that sounded too generic and unoriginal, I'm impressively confused that the Terminus Legion mascot poll determined a Phoenix or another bird was most popular, a mascot that would seem all too familiar for Atlanta sports fans. I literally was left shaking my head and looking like that shrugging stick-figure emoji, as I see future round of protest about an aspect of the team the fans voted on. I thought when put to a vote by the fans, the supporters would want something a little more unique and original.

Thankfully, the second place winner stole my heart - pun intended. For those who don't know what a Hart is, it's a deer, Black Hart just sounds more menacing. Before you start thinking how non-menacing a deer is, remember that the House Baratheon crest from Game of Thrones is a deer. Therefore, menacing.

On a more unoriginal note, Atlanta United supporters could unofficially rename Mercedes-Benz Stadium to Black Hart Lane. It could be a cult nickname that only Atlanta United fans understand. When asked about why we (Atlanta United fans) call it Black Hart Lane, we simply state, "the first rule of Black Hart Lane is..."