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Road near Atlanta United training facility site gets name change

The area in which Atlanta United have decided to build their team headquarters and training facility has seen many changes in recent years. Another one is on the way soon as Franklin Road, the stretch of land beginning at the intersection of Banberry Road and ending at Cobb Parkway, will now be known as Franklin Gateway.

The Marietta Daily Journal reports that the new name was originally to be "Gateway Boulevard" but the city council ultimately decided to keep the Franklin name in order to retain some history within the area.

A minor change, but one that signifies a fresh start and new beginnings for a troubled area of Marietta.

Our Aaron Bauer wrote an in-depth story last year detailing the crime-ridden area and how much it's changed in the last decade.

An area once troubled by underdevelopment and neglect will now be the home of soccer in Georgia as almost every major youth tournament is expected to be hosted at the new complex once it's completed. The complex will also house the Atlanta United Academy, team headquarters, and be the place where the first team trains on a daily basis.