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Georgia Soccer Supporters Club offers family friendly supporters group alternative

Atlanta United is still more than 12 months away from competing in their first ever competitive match. That hasn't stopped supporters from getting excited about the brand new MLS expansion club. Several supporters groups have emerged since the announcement of "MLS Atlanta" back in April of 2014. Resurgence and Footie Mob are two that have sprung up in the past few years, with Terminus Legion being the consistent force who have supported every Atlanta soccer team since 2011.

A different type of supporters group is entering the fray as a fresh alternative for Atlanta United supporters. While all four of these groups have one common goal, supporting Atlanta United, each offer a vastly different atmosphere and experience. The Georgia Soccer Supporters Club is a group that wants to offer you a family friendly environment for you and your family to attend events and watch matches without the rambunctiousness you'd encounter with the typical supporters group.

The Georgia Soccer Supporters Club is Georgia's first family friendly soccer supporters club. We exist to support soccer everywhere in Georgia, from the amazing youth talent all across the state, to our very own MLS team Atlanta United FC, and everywhere in between.

This excerpt taken directly from their official site demonstrates that Atlanta United isn't the only area of focus for the group. They also hold events for U.S. Men's and Women's national team matches, youth events, and other occasions.

Georgia Soccer Supporters Club was formed in April of 2015 and already has over 160 paid members, most of whom signed up as families. The group offers a special discount off their normal $25/year per person membership fees. For a family of five, $100/year will grant you membership and also net you an official club scarf. The benefits don't end there as members also receive discounts on tickets to matches and are eligible for special giveaways.

No matter what type of supporter you are, there is an option for you to join a group in the Atlanta area. The Georgia Soccer Supporters Club is for the family or individual that wants to experience the supporters group culture in a family friendly environment. If you're interested in joining, you can find them right here.