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The Chicago Fire remind us that sports aren't a fairytale

Sports are bad.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Everything that you love in life will come to an end eventually. This is just a fact of life. Your pet goldfish named Buttercup didn't go join a goldfish farm to live with the other goldfish. Your mother flushed him down the toilet and lied to you.

Sports are no different and are probably the absolute worst at killing your soul. Your favorite player will leave the team you support in one way or another. Best case scenario, your childhood hero grows old with your favorite team with his skills rapidly diminishing, before he retires a shell of his former self. More likely, they'll be traded by the team or they'll leave you heartbroken by signing somewhere else for more money.

The Chicago Fire proved once again this past weekend that sports are horrible and you have to be a masochist to be a sports fan. Life-long Fire supporter Harry Shipp was drafted out of college by the club and one of their best players. A fan-favorite who was beloved by the entire supporter base. Out of nowhere on Saturday morning he was gone. Traded to the Montreal Impact for peanuts as part of a "team strategy" for the Fire to rebuild its roster.

"...we believe this trade will prove to be beneficial for our club and for Harry's career." said Nelson Rodriguez, Chicago Fire GM.

Not only did they trade one of their best players for no reason, they had the gall to lie to their supporters that they were doing it to try and help Harry Shipp. Let's focus on the player for a minute.

Poor Harry was beside himself upon hearing the news of his trade. The club he'd loved his whole life mercilessly trading him to another country with no regard for him or the supporters who adored him. This farewell letter he released on Twitter sums up how blindsided and distraught he was over the move:

The poor kid cried when he received the news. I'm sure he wasn't the only one in Chicago who did that day.

This is just a prime example of what it's like being a fan of a sports team. You are setting yourself up for heartbreak constantly. Your favorite players always leave. Your teams always lose unless you're incredibly lucky. This is why everyone hates the consistently successful teams like the New England Patriots, Duke Blue Devils, New York Yankees, etc. We're jealous that they don't have to experience the same despair that we have to, so we just lie and make excuses as to why we hate them.

I've been an Atlanta Braves fan my whole life. The days of Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, Chipper, Andruw, Bobby, etc. were amazing. Now look at "America's team" in a rebuilding mode with a completely unrecognizable roster drawing terrible attendance and competing for the worst record in the league. All things come to an end and sports are the worst.

Atlanta United will be fun to support, but the inevitable heartbreak will find you and it will crush your spirit. Being a fan of a sports team is an unpleasant experience, similar to being a drug fiend. You need your favorite team and there's nothing you can do once they've won your heart.

It's not too late for you get out while you still can. This fan life isn't for the weak. It will ruin you sooner or later. You have been warned.