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Fan starts petition to MLS and Don Garber over 'United-gate' controversy

This is getting serious now. Earlier today news emerged that MLS will make Minnesota United change their name when they enter MLS (likely in 2017). American soccer supporters were outraged by this news so much so that social media was set ablaze with memes, debates, and just pure hatred towards MLS and Atlanta United.

Now one fan has taken it a step further. Jacob Peters of Chicago, Illinois has started a petition on pleading with MLS and Don Garber to either allow Minnesota United to keep their name or to make Atlanta United change their name as well.

There are a half dozen metros in the US & Canada that could justify being called United, Atlanta is not one of them by any definition. As a Chicago Fire fan, I call on Don Garber & Major League Soccer to either let MNUFC keep their moniker or make ATLUFC change theirs as well. Minneapolis St. Paul are united in their support for many existing professional sports teams. Atlanta can reference myriad examples of history & lore to find something better than co-opting a branding that better fits multiple existing soccer franchises.

This is taken from the "official" petition.

Only time will tell if this petition will gain momentum and change the league's mind or if it will fall on deaf ears. One thing is for certain, this issue is not going away anytime soon.

Will you sign the petition?