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MOTSPod Episode 17: Call-In Show - ATLUTD vs MUFC, Mascot Talk and More

Last couple of days have been a whirlwind for the Atlanta soccer community. Let's talk about it!

The last couple of days have been littered with Atlanta United related news. Minnesota United supporters and much of MLS is angry at Atlanta United for the "forced" name change. The latest mascot polls have created a small debate on which mascot would best suit AUFC. So we're hosting our second call-in show for your listening pleasure! All calls and questions are welcome, just be prepared to give us your hot take from the get-go.

Call-in Phone Number: (713) 955-0722

Time: 8-9pm

There will also be a chat window that you can use to communicate with us. We're entering a brave new world. Please come with us!

If you can't be with us tonight, the podcast will be uploaded to iTunes and Stitcher as usual. We experimenting with this for the second time so doing this again depends completely on your input! Email, tweet and call us with all of your feedback!


Sam Franco (@SamJFranco)

Eric Quintana (@EricQuintana47)

Jason Smith (@Jasonisasmith)