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Friday Free Kick: Man Bun - The Decision 2016

I'm depending on you Atlanta United and Atlanta soccer community. Man bun or no man bun?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Man Bun.

For the machoest of men, the idea alone makes you scoff at the idiot that put the thought in your head. For the hipsters, it's a point of pride; choosing to be different by wearing a ponytail.

This may be the first time in DSS history a poll may actually influence a major life decision of one its' writers. I, Eric Quintana, am considering growing a man bun. I leave it to you to decide my fate.

Right now, I'm in between that awkward stage in which I either need a haircut, or need to commit to growing the man bun. I kind of have this young, Bieber hair-flip thing going on which my girlfriend thinks is cute. She thinks the man bun would be cuter. And while I'd never let a woman influence my decision making (just kidding ladies ;-)), I am curious as to how high my hotness level would rise with the inclusion of a man bun. I mean, I'm already a 8.7 so it'd be hard to get any higher. But if I can get past a 9 then the man bun would take my game to a level I've never experienced before.

We can all admit the man bun is the new hotness right now. We see it all over the place. It's definitely pervasive in many soccer circles. I saw a guy at Brewhouse Cafe with the most epic man bun-beard combo I've ever seen. I was actually jealous. I was jealous of the physical appearance of another man.

On the other hand, the man bun is seemingly criticized more than any other hairdo in the last 20 years. OK, maybe the bleached-hair look of the early 2000s was a little more ridiculous (see Landon Donovan bleached hair). I'm not one that cares too much what other's think of me, but at some point it'll get annoying.

The obvious course of action is to pose the question on a blog read mostly by men. So I need all the regular lady readers to be loud and proud with their opinions. But guys are welcome to vote too.

Here is where I ask for your help Atlanta United fans and Atlanta soccer community: Should I start sporting the man bun?

I ask that you take a few moments and consider this, as your collective decision will directly influence my physical appearance for the next four to six months. DO NOT TAKE THIS VOTE LIGHTLY! I'm counting on you Atlanta United and Atlanta soccer community. Do me proud!