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These Atlanta United socks are straight fire

Guys, let's be honest. Atlanta United merchandise in the official MLS Store so far has been pretty ordinary. It's not a big deal. The club just received its identity 7 months ago, so it's to be expected that selection is limited.

That's about to change slightly. Rock 'Em Apparel have acquired the rights to the MLS license. They are a company that specializes in designing and producing custom socks. Them acquiring MLS rights means that they are about to drop a line of MLS themed socks. But Atlanta United are the new kids on the block and won't play for another year. Would they even include the team in their collection? Well it turns out they will be and they are going to be amazing:

Shut up and take my money. Take it all. These are absolutely amazing and I can't decide which ones I want to buy first. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rock 'Em!!!

These go on sale Sunday, February, 28th.