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Atlanta United still planning for an Expansion Draft that may not happen

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Back in November it was reported that MLS was planning to do away with their Expansion Draft. A special draft mechanic held for incoming expansion sides to help fill their roster. The thing about rumors and reports though, is that they don't mean anything until they become official.

Atlanta United president Darren Eales told the AJC in December that the club are still planning as if the 2016 MLS Expansion Draft will take place like it usually does until those reports are confirmed.

While not groundbreaking news, it's still noteworthy that four months after the initial reports that no decision on the fate of the draft has been made by the league. Instead of allowing AUFC to focus one-hundred percent of their scouting resources on players that they actually want, while the Expansion Draft is still a possibility, the club will have to broaden their scope to players that could be cut loose by other teams in the draft. It's more an irritation than a hindrance, but it's still resources that could be used elsewhere.

Our research piece back in November showed that the Expansion Draft is a mixed bag when it comes to finding players who actually contribute to MLS teams. While it's not a scientific conclusion, Atlanta United could be better off if the draft is in fact eliminated. They would likely receive extra allocation money and international players that would help them acquire desirable players instead of a bunch of leftovers that no one wants.