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POLL: Do you care about the Super Bowl?

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

We're an Atlanta-focused soccer blog. Obviously we all love Soccer, but there's a more than decent chance that a lot of you follow football too. If not the NFL, at least at the college level. We've already been hit with anti-Football comments, so it's a fine line to walk as a Soccer blog to broach the subject.

We know you have many outlets to discuss football around the south as it's undoubtedly the number one sport around these parts. Our job is to bring you Soccer coverage and we pride ourselves in that. However, we'd be remiss if we didn't at least ask our audience what they thought of the big game on Super Bowl Sunday.

So, let's hear it. What are your thoughts on the game? As soccer fans do you even care about the game? Vote in our poll below. If you do care, leave us a comment with who you think will win with a final score prediction.